Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm drunk, and it's been awhile.


The Adjustment Bureau - Amazing.

Source Code - Fucking amazing.

Sucker Punch - HOLY SHIT THIS GIRL IS PALE. Also, meh.

True stories.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So my PC shortage is still going. At first I thought it was just the power supply (which was solid dead) so I replaced it. Things were still sticky, so returned the power supply I bought and got another one and same deal happened. Lots of BSODs and random crashes. Computer would randomly shut down on restarts. Which confirmed my suspicion that it was the motherboard (RAM checked out OK, replaced the CMOS battery, etc). So I figured I'd go ahead and upgrade, which wasn't that bad actually.

Going from an Intel Core Duo E8400 and 4GB DDR2 to an AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE with 8GB of DDR3 (motherboard, CPU, ram for <$370). Which is surprising since the E8400 stills retails for $169 and the Phenom retailed for $159. As I was looking I saw most Intel CPUs being extremely expensive. As I do mostly gaming/web browsing, this seemed like a no brainer. 400MHz extra with 4 cores instead of 2 for $10 less? Heck yes. I also checked benchmarks and the Phenom didn't particularly kill the E8400 but definitely outperformed it in all tests (both CPU intensive and GPU intensive environments). I mean most of the decent i7's and 2600ks from Intel are way over $200 with the i5s being in the actual $180 to >$200 mark. This comes a long way from Intel being the performance/price ratio king that I remember when the Core 2 Duo came out. Granted it's been awhile since I've done research but that's what I gather from the situation. And I'm sure the i7 series is an absolute monster when it comes to raw power and computing, but I'm pretty sure software/games are no where near caught up with hardware yet to take 100% advantage of these monster CPUs.

That and I'm a bit on the cheap side, don't hate.

But anyways, also a big shout out to Zalman, Inc. I was rocking a CNPS9500 LED Heatsink for my CPU and the version I had didn't come with an AM3 bracket. So I e-mailed them to see if they would send me the part because apparently no place in the US has it, and only e-retailers in Australia sold them and none wanted to ship internationally. They e-mailed me back saying it was on its way for free within 5-7 business days. How cool is that? I mean, better than paying $44 for the exact same fan and just needing the bracket.

Anywho, let me get off my nerdbox and got to sleep. Promise I'll review a movie soon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sorry I have been absent. Due to storms my Power Supply bit the dust. Ordered a new one from Newegg but THAT was defective. Sent it back and ordered another one which should be coming Monday or Tuesday. Computers can be super frustrating, but I can't complain. I built my system around 5-6 years ago and this was the first major problem I encountered. Hopefully it was just the power supply and nothing else. Taking out a motherboard is a pain in the freaking ass.

Anyways, this month has been expensive as far as replacing and paying for things. Luckily I get paid 3 times this month so it ain't all bad. I even had to replace my printer since it decided it no longer wanted to put ink on the pages (pretty sure the thing which goes back and forth got messed up) just so I could print the RMA crap to send the defective power supply back. However, I did recycle my old power supply and printer at Best Buy for Earth day, so you're welcome Earth.

Anywho, I've had a lot of things in mind to review but the recent turn of events have sucked the desire out of me. So stay tuned! Recently got 127 Hours in the mail via Netflix, so might watch that soon and post a review.

Also, totally leave a comment on suggestions on what to review. If I've seen it I can post a quick review, if I haven't seen it I might watch it.

Doubly also: If you're not watching Parks and Recreations you're dying inside. And if you don't think so, just watch this:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Since I saw the trailer for this movie, I was really interested. For some reason I really like Russel Crowe, and the plot actually was a rather interesting concept. The movie revolves around a man (Russell Crowe), his wife (Elizabeth Banks), and their son Luke. The premise of the story is that Crowe's wife suddenly is arrested and charged with murder of her co-worker. The evidence is not much but enough to convict her and send her to prison without much proof she was innocent. This leads to a kind of internal struggle in Crowe's character because he has to deal with his son not having a mother, as well as losing the love of his life.

This idea festers inside of Crowe's character, and the movie does an excellent job of showing each characters emotions due to the event. Eventually Crowe becomes engulfed with the notion that his wife was innocent, and starts researching ways of breaking her out of prison.

Now the movies does a good job with this. Crowe's character is only a teacher in community college, so he's decently intellectual but as far as knowledge of prison breaks and their associated strategies, he hasn't the slightest of clues. So the movie begins to show his acquisition of information, mostly starting with him consulting a local legend who escaped prison 7 times. After this, Crowe's character starts taking photographs of the surrounding buildings, keeping journals of information from when he visits his wife in prison, trying to look and find the one key to her escape.

In his journey, the movie does an excellent job of keeping the character grounded as he's not some teacher with an ex-military background who graduated top in his class who can kill a man with one hand and shoot with pin point accuracy. So of course Crowe makes some mistakes, which in turn hints the police force that something is up.

When Crowe's character is ready and the breakout begins, I couldn't help but to be on the edge of the seat watching how it all unfolds and seeing whether he was going to be caught or not. Again, the movie does an excellent job of keeping the characters grounded while Crowe and his wife make some very daring escape moves but nothing like an over-the-top Bruce Willis movie. This portion of the movie lasted surprisingly long but was very satisfying.

All in all, I was rather surprised at this movie. I think it had an interesting plot and excellent story, and it was a story that was believable and did not cross the line over into "that's crazy so it could never happen." I mean, what would you do if your wife was locked away for prison for the rest of her life? This is the struggle Crowe's character faces on and off and what eventually leads him to give up everything, and try to pave a new life for his family.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I watched this movie tonight because I was really interested seeing it with all the Oscar hype, plus I love boxing. However, my disapproval of Christian Bale was one thing that left me concerned (since John Connor and Batman could be the same character since they had the same freaking voice). I think Bale did a good job though playing Wahlberg's crack-addicted brother, but a best supporting actor win? Not THAT good. Maaaaybe towards the end of the film he starts to shine, but overall.. nah.

Anywho, this film details the life of the come-from-nowhere fighter Micky Ward. It's a classic tale of a fighter with a crazy family that fences his life in to a small, rural town of America and use him for their benefit.

Wahlberg, to me, is one of those actors who floats in mediocrity. He hasn't been REAL bad (minus The Happening, which we all know M. Knight Shamylan is the worst director ever, and therefore he really isn't to blame), but he doesn't really surprise you with a knock-it-out-of-the-park performances.

The beginning of the movie really takes a back seat to laying the groundwork of the story, which the movies does a nice job of. However, I was eager to see the fight scenes. Unfortunately, if you want to watch a movie with excellent boxing scenes, this movie is not what you're looking for. The beginning of Micky's rise to fame in the boxing sense is short, and done in a quick set of montage sequences. So sadly, I was quite disappointed. They even skipped major portion of his last major fight.

All in all, this was an OK movie. Nothing spectacular, but nothing too redeeming. I'd say worth a rent, but other than that, leave this one on the shelves.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Alec Baldwin: '30 Rock' is ending… or not – The Marquee Blog - Blogs

Alec Baldwin: '30 Rock' is ending… or not – The Marquee Blog - Blogs

After refusing to budge on watching 30 Rock for 2 seasons, I finally gave into my unnatural love for Tina Fey and watched. I was absolutely enthralled. I love this show and eagerly await new episodes of its smart, awkward comedy and amazing synergy of wacky characters. It would deeply sadden me if next year was the last, but as they say, all good things must come to an end (RIP Scrubs). Oh wait, except the Simpsons. That show will keep going until I'm 40.. which I'm perfectly OK with. I mean given the craptastic line of animated shows Fox keeps putting out (Cleveland Show, Bob's Burgers), The Simpsons is the concrete keeping it all together. And let's be honest, Family Guy died awhile back but The Simpsons keeps me coming back.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Truer words never spoken.. or printed from a large machine.